Whitney Costello is awarded an NSF EAPSI Fellowship

Congratulations to Whitney Costello (left), a Molecular Biophysics graduate student in Dr. Kendra Frederick’s lab (right) on being selected by the National Science Foundation and approved by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to spend seven weeks at Zhejiang University in China on a new collaborative research project as part of the East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes, or EAPSI.

Kendra named Searle Scholar

The Searle Scholars program has named fifteen scientists as Searle Scholars for 2017. Each researcher is awarded $300,000 in flexible funding to support his or her work over the next three years.

The Searle Scholars Program makes grants to selected universities and research centers to support the independent research of exceptional young faculty in the biomedical sciences and chemistry who have recently been appointed as assistant professors on a tenure-track appointment. The Program’s Scientific Director appoints an Advisory Board of eminent scientists who choose the Scholars based on rigorous standards aimed at finding the most creative talent interested in pursuing an academic research career. This year, 196 applications were considered from nominations by 143 universities and research institutions.

“The new class of Searle Scholars is truly outstanding. Our Scientific Advisory Board members remarked that the selection process this year was the most difficult ever because there were so many meritorious applicants,” said Dr. Doug Fambrough, Scientific Director. “The new Scholars are pursuing fundamental research in chemistry and the biomedical sciences—from determining molecular structures to working out the neuronal circuitry underlying various behaviors. All of these Scholars have chosen to take on risky projects that, if successful, will have great impact upon their fields and, in many cases, contribute directly to the betterment of human health.”

Seventy Searle Scholars have been inducted into the National Academy of Sciences. Sixteen Scholars have been recognized with a MacArthur Fellowship, known as the “genius grant.” And a Searle Scholar has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Since 1981, 587 scientists have been named Searle Scholars. Including this year, the Program has awarded more than $129 million.

About the Searle Scholars Program 
The Searle Scholars Program supports high risk, high reward research across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Grants are $300,000 for a three-year term with $100,000 payable each year of the grant. Searle Scholars Program is funded through grants from the family trusts to The Chicago Community Trust and administered by Kinship Foundation, the private operating foundation that manages the institutional philanthropy of the Searle Family. For more information about the Searle Scholars Program visit www.searlescholars.net.


Nash Foundation funds in-cell structural biology project.

The Ted Nash Long Life Foundation has awarded a two-year $200,000 grant to Kendra K. Frederick, Ph.D. for her studies of Alzheimer’s associated tauopathies.  The grant aims to capitalize on new sensitivity-enhancing technology for solid state NMR, dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), to determine the structure of tau protein aggregates inside of normal and diseased human cells.