November 2018: Frederick Lab (l to r) Carla, Rupam, Whitney, Kendra, Yiling, Jaka

June 2019: Frederick lab visits the Barbier-Mueller Samurai Collection.

December 2018: Frederick Lab glassblowing at Dallas Glass Art

November 2018: Science Saturday science outreach

October 2018: pumpkin carving.

August 2018: Electrochemistry science party.

June 2018: Lab hot pot

July 2018: Celebrating a NOA in the bird sanctuary (with the Bai Lab)

January 2018: Frederick Lab at the Winter School for Biomolecular NMR in Stowe, Vermont

October 2017: Texas State Fair

July 2017: Celebrating a NOA and Lab Movie Night

April 2017: Frederick lab with Apollo 7

September 2015: Frederick lab opens!